2018: A Year of Initiation


2018 is a 11 year in Numerology (2+0+1+8=11). Master numbers, such as 11, are the exceptions in the study of Numerology that do not get reduced further to a single digit. They hold a powerful charge on their own and require special consideration.

What Does a 11 Yearly Cycle Mean For us Collectively?

11 is the number of INITIATION and of THE INITIATE. Initiation is a rite of passage. A step up in the evolution ladder. It is an opportunity to go higher and to grow wiser. Visually, 11 resembles a gateway or a portal. This symbolizes not only entering a new world, but leaving the old world behind. A leap of faith is always required to enter the unknown. Letting go of fear and old ways that do not serve our growth is of utmost importance this year. If you are still trapped in a paradigm that is not aligned with truth, integrity, and being honest about who you truly are, this is the year that can burst some bubbles for you.

My own year started with one challenge after another, and I had to quickly correct the course I was on, and let go of plans I had made. It was evident from day one, that old ways I had set on autopilot were no longer going to fly. Patterns that we have outgrown, and stubbornly held on to for too long, will quickly be dissolved this year.

Master number cycles always demand more of us. They challenge everything we think we know, and test our ability to grow, exponentially.

Tarot Card #11- Justice by Cathy McClelland Art

Master number 11 is the number of LIGHT. It is also symbolic of hidden knowledge. Something will come into light this year that is meant to illuminate your highest path on this earth.

Because 11 is a challenging and testing vibration, before it can do its work, something has to be dissolved, destroyed, and then transformed. 11 corresponds with the Justice card in Tarot. One of the most important trials and lessons of number 11 is to weigh our lives by eliminating any dysfunctions and errors of the past, and thus bring our lives into greater balance and justice.

Whatever challenges and tribulations this year brings for you, remember that it is ultimately the Universe shaking loose something you no longer need.

But there is a silver lining. A LIGHT that shines through the clouds of fear, delusion and ignorance, to show us a more evolved way of being and doing.. one that is far superior to anything we could have dreamed of.

So trust the bigger plan. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. We are all going through accelerated evolution and rapid changes this year.

Photography by Stephen Leonardi.


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