Dreaming Owl

Dreams are one of the most powerful tools we have to further our evolution. Too often we dismiss the clouds of a dream upon rising. I have been working with my own dream practice for many years, writing down significant dreams, and re-visiting them in my journeys.

A shaman once asked me: “How would you see this differently if it was a dream?” This really struck a chord. Since childhood, I always had a lingering feeling that my dreams were somehow more real than waking life. The practice of lucid dreaming teaches us to become more conscious dreamers and creators.


Tibetan dream yoga is a method of ‘awakening from the dream’. The practice is to become completely lucid in your dreams. This is done by persistent training – recalling your dreams, writing them down, and utilizing the power of the mind to enter a dream in a lucid state. The reasoning behind dream yoga is that if you are asleep, how can you awaken? When you are awake in your dreams, the potential for greater awareness, and healing, becomes available to you.

The Medicine Owl is starting a new feature called ‘Dreaming Owl’

This is a FREE, weekly dream interpretation corner done via Facebook. I will choose one dream per week to analyze. You can submit a dream via this form or message me in Facebook. Using a nickname is encouraged, and no email address will be published.

Dreams are often symbolic and metaphorical. The Jungian dream analysis looks at collective archetypes, and this can be useful when seeing the bigger picture is called for. My initial way of interpreting a dream is more intuition based. If something doesn’t feel right, then I will look at archetypes. I believe that getting too brainy and theoretical can be a hindrance along the spiritual path. Thus my approach to dream interpretation is to keep it light and personal, as much as possible.

Ultimately, the only person who can really know what your dream is about is you. I will offer a brief interpretation, that may provide some helpful insight into your dream.

The purpose behind The Dreaming Owl Project is to bring greater awareness to your dreaming, and encourage you to spend more time recalling your dreams, which is the best way to become a lucid dreamer.

Wishing you Profound Dreams!

p.s I woke up this morning from a dream that told me to start working more consciously with dreams. Analyze that!

Painting by: Susan Seddon Boulet, “Shaman Dreams”.

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