Elemental Medicine: Earth

Living in the city, I found myself was getting sicker by the day. I remember having this deep yearning to be close to the earth. After some pretty graphic fantasies of rolling in the dirt naked and covering myself in mud, I realized I was clearly suffering from lack of elemental medicine – the earth! And not to mention a mineral deficiency.

The answer was to reconnect with the earth’s electromagnetic field. This is probably the simplest, fastest, and most effective cure you will ever experience. In fact it’s so simple that most people completely overlook it.

The earth has a powerful magnetic field that has an almost magical appearing healing ability. It carries a resonance that grounds and balances the nervous system.

In this 10 minute video clip, Dr Stephen Sinatra shows scientific results of grounding and explains how it effects our health; thinning the blood, neutralizing free radicals and instantly providing relief with many chronic conditions.

Click to watch at youtube.


Wearing shoes with rubber soles effectively blocks you from the earth’s magnetic field, because rubber works as an insulator of electromagnetic current. So, take your shoes off and walk around barefoot whenever you can.

If you’re stuck in the concrete jungle with no access to raw earth, there are ways you can ground yourself even as you sleep. For example, you can connect a wire to the ground of your socket (provided your house is grounded) and connect the other end of the cord to a sheet or a mat made from conductive silver fiber, that grounds you.

Some of these tools are sold at the Earthing Site.

A simple, fast way to ground is to touch a metal faucet. The pipes are connected to the earth and metal is a conductor of electricity. To get full benefits of grounding however, you’d want to ground yourself for as long you can, several hours a day preferably.

If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or you are in any kind of pain, the most effective way would be to ground yourself as you sleep and to get at least 8 hours of contact with the earth each day. Personally, I like to ground by walking barefoot or laying down on the grass outside every day for at least an hour.

By the way, grounding is also effective with insomnia – tried and tested!

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