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The Master Number 33

master number 33 meaning

33 is the number of “teacher of teachers”. This is a number that calls for service to humanity. It is a highly dedicated vibration, and people who carry this master number have chosen a life of service. This means sacrificing personal goals and ideals for the greater good. When number 33 individuals fully accept and step into their mission, they can overwrite other challenging aspects of their birth chart. That is the power of 33.

Expansion of Consciousness is the Underlying Mission for 33.

I don’t often see this number in my Readings. People who have 33 as one of their core numbers can be considered “old souls”. These are individuals who carry lifetimes of higher merits from the school of spirit, and are now meant to teach others. Their life’s work primarily relates to broader service to humanity, a higher expression of love, teaching of wisdom and compassion. They are missionaries for spiritual truth. Number 33 always brings with it a great responsibility, as it requires selfless dedication for the greater good.


33 is governed by the planet Neptune, considered to be the upper octave of Venus. This planet deals with dreams, psychic vision, subconscious, and the spiritual quest for truth. Venus is the ruler of romantic love, while Neptune rules divine love.

Neptune Was The Roman God of Sea.

Neptune governs the sea – a symbol often used for spiritual surrender. When someone is going through a “Neptune Cycle” in astrology, they are often feeling as if they are lost at sea. Neptune empties the cup for you, so to speak, so you can get to the bottom of who you truly are, and what really matters. One of the primary lessons of a Neptune cycle can be summarized by this quote from Al-Ghazali.

“You only possess that which cannot be lost in a shipwreck.”

Neptune teaches faith and trust in the unknown, and this also relates to the mission of number 33. Your evolutionary process under the guidance of 33 likely involves lessons in letting go of the need to know, and having all the answers. You will evolve through spirit work first and foremost, and relying less on your mental faculties. The master number 33 spreads light, truth, expansion, and the desire for spiritual evolution. The journey with this number may not be easy, but the rewards are high.

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