Midsummer Fire

midsummer rituals

With long dark winters in Scandinavia, the arrival of summer solstice is the most important event of the year. In the northern hemisphere, near the arctic circle, the midsummer night marks a time when the sun doesn’t set and when night and day unite. The midsummer solstice ceremony in Finland and other Scandinavian countries is a celebration of victory of light over a long period of darkness. Fire/Sun is an universal symbol of life force, energy, purification, rebirth, and fertility.

In Finland and Northern Europe the summer solstice marks an astrologically significant turning point in the year, a cosmic portal of light opening in the sky, when the veils between worlds are thin, and the spirits become restless. In the old days it was believed that by making loud noises, singing, and lighting a big fire, any malevolent spirits would be scared away during the opening of the sky.

Growing up in Finland, I attended traditional midsummer fire ceremonies every year. I remember the tingling feeling of anticipation that always preceded the ceremony. Important spells and intentions were to be placed on this “nightless night”.

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