As a child I left this earthly plane and crossed over. When I returned, an Owl came with me. She was beside me all along the journey, silently observing my transition and return. Since then Owls have appeared in my dreams and visions, bringing guidance and knowledge.

I have learned that traveling with an Owl as a totem animal often entails a lot of shadow work. Owl Medicine can help us see through the veils of this world and its illusory appearances, and shed all that does not serve our highest path.

It has taken me 38 years to answer the call of the Owl, and to begin to understand and integrate this truly profound medicine in my life.

I started The Medicine Owl Project eight years ago, after going through an awakening period that left me questioning why I was really here. During this time I was graced by many visits of The Medicine Owl, and learned that my task was to guide others to find deeper truth and meaning in their lives.

My mission now is to give guidance in the process of transformation by providing intuitive advise along your journey. One of my favorite ways to do this is to read Your Life Purpose encoded in your numbers and alignment of stars.


With deepest gratitude for the Medicine of the Owl — at your service,




photo by: M. Amici