Soul Purpose vs. Life Purpose

I was talking to a yogi friend recently about the Life Purpose Readings I do. He remarked that he did not need any help figuring out his purpose, as he was pretty clear that his mission was enlightenment.

I agree that ultimately everyone’s purpose is enlightenment. However, the paths we take to get there vary tremendously, from one lifetime to the next. The final destination may be the same for us all, but we each need different schedules, trains, and compartments to arrive there.

The conclusion of our conversation was that we all share the same soul purpose, while our life purpose differs greatly.

Your mission then, is to know how you can best work your way towards the final soul destination, this time around. Your soul has been through countless trials and tribulations, accumulating merits and traits that are unique to your journey.

The process of awakening to your greater purpose spans lifetimes, and is not all that pleasant for the ego. It involves peeling away layer upon layer, until nothing but the truth remains. We have to let go of anything that is not authentic to who we truly are. All the toys and shiny prizes the mind clings to  bring nothing but suffering, unless we learn how to let go of it all, with ease.

When I read your numbers and planetary alignments, I see old karmic patterns that have been dragged around from previous lifetimes. These patterns point me to a route that is most useful, and practical in this lifetime, for you to get to the final destination.

It may be that your life’s purpose this time around involves learning how to serve others. Your numerical code will show me in what way you are here to serve. Often I find multiple seeds and talents that are awaiting to blossom. Your life purpose will naturally shift and grow as you evolve. This is something I also look at in a reading. What you are working on now, may not be what you will work on next year. While the underlying trend usually remains the same, the fashion may change.

A big Thank You to all Medicine Owl readers and friends for your continued support and feedback. May you navigate this life with graceful ease, much joy, and clarity in the process.

Love, Aleeiah

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