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The Architect and The Weaver

“I am the weaver
I am the woven one
I am the dreamer
I am the dream..”

Lorna Kohler

Timelines are always shifting as new realities, aka programs, constantly emerge. Without our existence and participation, these realities would not exist. They are created for us, and by us. Realities are created by belief and participation in a belief. Mass realities are created by masses participating in a belief, repeatedly. The architect needs builders and the material of belief in order to create a reality. We create programs the architect designs. Both need each other, until the builder realizes its own power to create worlds. The builder has the same power as the architect, but she does not remember. This too, is a program designed for evolution.

Everything and everyone is playing its part in this intricate web. So we keep participating in myriad worlds and realities by what we strongly believe. When masses awaken and start to question the reality they are participating in, they revolt against ‘the architect’, and a new sub program is created. There are endless programs in existence. It is the cosmic play – Lila of God. What keeps the game so interesting, is that the players have forgotten they are part of the Creator, aka Architect. The battle of dark and light, ruler and the ruled, only exists for our evolution.

When the builder awakens to a yet higher level, she realizes that she is playing her own game. At this level, all need to fight the program falls away and suffering ceases. She realizes herself as the architect and the dance of duality loses its grip on her. Finally, she comes to know that she is the dreamer and the dream.

Owl Message Aleeiah / Oct 2021

Spider Web Image by: Anastasiya Romanova

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