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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

I woke up this morning with my current life story playing in my head, as if I was amidst of a screenplay. I laid there as a witness for a few minutes, only mildly amused by the melodramatic plot, and mostly disturbed that this junk was still on repeat. As I am returning to my senses slowly, I remember that I am the executive director of all the stories playing in my life.

What is the story for you today?

Do you choose to play the part of a victim or a heroine? The heroine is always self accountable; taking full responsibility of all that happens to her. None of that same old ”he rejected me”, or ”my daddy didn’t love me” script. There is nothing empowering about that kind of a story. It only drags you down.. way down, into the darkness of soul stagnation, where no growth is possible. A good ground rule for pulling out of these kinds of victim stories, is to accept each moment as if you had chosen it. Because you did.

Egos thrive on dramatic plots and self perpetuate them just to continue the drama.

Watch what happens when you change your story. Or even challenge it for a moment. Its grip starts to loosen, and new possibilities begin to emerge. Clouds that were covering your consciousness move aside, and a new kind of brilliant light shines through. The light that was always there, but you didn’t see because you were so caught up in the turmoils of your script.

Today, I choose to re-write my story …

Can you come up with a new twist in the plot that totally shifts your perspective, and all the characters you have included?

My morning story is taking on a whole new chapter today, with a lot more compassion for myself. I give thanks to the intricacies of this theater, in recognition of the bigger picture, also known as soul reality. I know shadow play is my teacher and all the characters I have invited in my allies. Aho!

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