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Don’t Get Lost in Someone Else’s Dream..

If your life has been affected by this plandemic turmoil, chances are that you too, are currently lost in someone else’s dream. Or a nightmare, to be more accurate. You are not alone, just one of billions. It doesn’t matter who originated this circus, the fact is that billions of people have participated in it, and unknowingly reinforced it, by collectively sharing a belief. A belief in mass is not something to be taken lightly. Our beliefs determine and inform our realities, aka the programs we participate in. Your beliefs calibrate your vibration. Your vibration draws everything into your life; relationships, health, your living situation, work, and all your experiences = aka your reality.

If you’re not dreaming your own reality, someone else will.. and they’re always trying to take you for a spin in this holoverse, as far away from awakening as you can imagine! In the past three years we have all experienced a rude interception of our daily realities, ironically with billions of willing but unknowing participants. Our lives and dreams have been hijacked. Now how to get out?

We have to start reprogramming our realities today with higher vibrational beliefs, words, actions, and dreams. Your vibration is your sword and shield of protection. If you don’t participate in a belief, mentally or emotionally, it cannot hold any power or charge over you. Your life will probably still be affected by it simply because there are too many who are currently holding this belief of a fear based plandemic reality, but at least you won’t participate in co-creating the nightmare. I’m not talking about pretending everything is fine or spiritually bypassing what’s going on in the world. We have all seen and experienced what’s going on. I am suggesting a general guideline for getting unstuck from this sticky matrix, and taking a detour from the hijacked timeline that was created for nefarious reasons.

If you do not participate in the consensus belief/reality by mentally and emotionally reinforcing it, you have already created an alternate timeline. How will your new world look like in the highest version of yourself and in your highest ideal timeline?

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