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Enter the Wood Dragon

wood dragon year

Today is the start of the Chinese new year of wood dragon. I just have this feeling that it is going to be one of wildest years anyone alive today has experienced..

Fortune favors the bold ~ Virgil, Roman poet

It is said that great opportunities come to those who have courage, especially during dragon years. Without a doubt, a dragon year brings with it massive growth. What bold leaps of faith are you going to take this year? What dormant dreams are coming alive in you? Dragons can move mountains and traverse the skies across faraway lands. They are the keepers of ancient secrets.

In many Eastern traditions dragons are considered auspicious and luck bringing creatures. Royalty often had dragon statues around entryways to palaces. The earliest references to dragons date back 7,000 years ago to ancient China. Dragons were seen as benevolent creatures, and emperors in China were considered to be sons of the dragon lineage. This is a curious mythology that would be interesting to delve into sometime.

2024 is an 8 Numerology Year

In Vedic numerology, the number 8 is governed by Saturn. Yikes. This is big endings and beginnings energy. Saturn is the lord of underworld, and death. Lot of old chapters will be closing, to make room for something of epic proportions. A major collective shift is most likely coming to a head during this year. This could relate to A.I, the big pharma industry scams, and some kind of revealing of major corruption in politics.

Practices For The Year 2024

What can we do in such a high energy year to stay grounded? Doing any kind of practice that connects you with wood energy would be good, working with trees, plants, and getting your bare feet and hands into soil. Plant a garden! I am personally very drawn to moving deeper into the woods and playing hermit this year. Remains to be seen whether that will be possible or not.

However you choose to work with the dragon energy this year it’s going to be a ride, so buckle up!

Wishing you a powerful and insightful new year of the wood dragon!

p.s Stay tuned for some new reading offerings coming soon.

Love, Aleeiah


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