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Healing From Healing

healing from healing

All that glitters is not light. The new age healing movement was hijacked a long time ago. We are being bombarded with sparkly ads from yoga classes, crystal healing, Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, to the next online workshop to heal your childhood trauma overnight.

Almost everything out there targeted towards so-called healing, only perpetuates more needless suffering and confusion. We don’t need more healing in the form of self improvement – we need authentic presence, silence, and unconditional love. The self improvement culture is an incessant cry, an exercise in futility. The mind/ego cannot heal itself. Its very nature is separation and duality. Therefore, taking classes and workshops, mushrooms or other psychedelics only takes the mind out for another spin around itself. (Trust me I’ve done my fair share of this all! 😂) Although we may get a momentary glimpse of truth through various healing pursuits, it usually fades out quickly.

Lasting results only come from consistent practice of transcending the mind, and connecting with Source energy. Daily practice is key. So don’t fall victim to the mind games of the fake healing culture. It only preys on you to take you deeper into the rabbit hole in the matrix, that says you are broken and need to consume for constant healing and self improvement. You are not broken. The Spirit is always whole and what we are is Spirit. When we remember the truth of who we are healing occurs spontaneously, because who is there left to heal? Spirit needs no healing.

Image by Autumn Skye Art

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