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Holographic DNA upgrade

Imagine that your DNA exists inside your mind’s eye. You can enter inside a room or a brilliant temple of light, if you wish, that contains the hologram of your DNA. You can picture it as a spiral of light, or a beautiful vortex, or even a spiraling staircase. Once you connect to the channel of your DNA, and can feel it pulsing inside you, then you are ready to work. Summon your higher self/Oversoul/God self, and ask for the dormant DNA to be gently reawakened and activated again. There may be layers of protection or gatekeepers that were put in place, but ask for these to be bypassed or removed, by the power of your soul and GOD/SPIRIT THAT I AM. See and feel your dormant DNA strands coming alive again, spinning and spiraling in joy, surrounded by light, straight from the source of all that is. You can then request a protective energy or a guardian being to be placed around your holographic DNA, that prevents any further tampering that does not serve your evolution. Do this as often as you like, to reinforce the activation. The more you do it, the stronger the effect.

Know that inside your DNA are many hidden doors that lead to abilities and channels that were once active, eons ago. These doorways were manipulated and deactivated by someone else. They were shut down to the extend that we forgot about them. HU-mans were meant to be much more than we are now. The divine original blueprint that human race was seeded with, was that of avatar-like beings who were free. The current condition of humanity is a curtailed version; many living unaware of their own potential, asleep, and in a controlled world that is nothing but free. We exist in a time when it has become crucial to our survival to reactivate our ancient, dormant DNA. Your DNA is a vessel and a vehicle of unimaginable riches.

There is a mass global movement happening at this time, sweeping over the planet, attempting to shut down further strands of the new human DNA that have been emerging and re-awakening for quite some time now. Therefore, it is important for us to enter inside our own holographic DNA and reactive it.

Many humans on the planet have chosen to not live up to their fullest potential at this time, and are willingly allowing the manipulation of their DNA. Those few that choose otherwise will be living on the perimeters of society. Their ability to travel and participate in many social activities will be highly limited via traditional means. But new modes of travel will soon emerge and some movement will be restored. There is hope and a new world that is emerging. But we have to co-create it, from within.

Rise up, on the ladder of your own DNA!

This is an intuitive message through Aleeiah, in April, 2021.

Main photo by Robert Bye, unsplash / Ouroboros art by salshep on DeviantArt

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