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Is The Fear of Being Seen Keeping You From Living Your Dreams?

“When one bell is rung, by the sound of that one bell other bells will also vibrate. So it is with the dancing of the soul…it produces its reaction, and that again, will make other souls dance. ”

– Hazrat Inyat Khan

I have witnessed countless stories of people, including myself, who have blocked their success in this world because they were afraid to be seen. This fear often traces back to some childhood incident where we experienced disapproval or even physical punishment for speaking out, or simply for being ourselves. Sometimes the roots are deeper and connect to a previous lifetime. Some of us might have been killed for shining our light and for being who we are. In my Life Purpose Readings I often discover that people are not even consciously aware of their fear of being seen. There are myriad of reasons in this convoluted Universe for why we hide ourselves, and block our light from fully shining out in the world.

I’ve spent most of my life hiding. I went as far as inventing jobs that would ensure I wouldn’t have to leave the house. Before I realized it, I had built an entire lifetime around not being seen. Little by little, I took baby steps towards allowing myself to be seen more, on the internet. Gradually, I started moving towards the realization that it was safe to be seen. No punishment or scandal would ensue if I came out and shared myself. Am I comfortable to be fully seen today? Nope. This is a lifelong journey for me. However I am really good at helping others be seen. Sound familiar? We often work in fields that safely train us in “becoming who we are” when we are not quite ready to shine on our own yet.

There is Medicine in Being Seen…

How are you hiding your light? What choices have you made that keep you from being seen? Can you share a part of yourself that is painful or feels ashamed? Do you get triggered when you see someone else shining their light or sharing who they are? Does the thought of being seen make you feel uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, there are wounds to address.

Being vulnerable and sharing who you are, at this very moment, is a training ground for greater self love and acceptance. Being who you are is your birthright. Nobody can take that from you. However, being seen is not part of everyone’s journey. Some have chosen a lifetime of working behind the scenes. But for those of us whose path involves teaching or being out in the public for other reasons, this work will come up.


There will come a time of emergence when your light will shine so brightly it can no longer hold itself back.. This light will illuminate many dark places within you and bring healing for areas you’ve been hiding. It will also kindle a spark in others, helping them remember their own light. Let yourself be seen. It is safe. It is good and will help you.

p.s I took the article photo last fall in my back yard after another day of hiding myself from the world and not leaving the house again for a week. It was a moment of unexpected light emerging from the forest. It reminded me how important it is to allow ourselves to shine. I call it “Corazon de Luz”. 💛

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