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On What Remains..

“You possess only whatever will not be lost in a shipwreck.” Al-Ghazali.

Year after year we fulfill one desire after another, until we come to know: there is no satisfaction in fulfilling endless desires. Nothing in this fleeting world is ever enough. Desires fade. How to achieve happiness if not by fulfilling desires?

You have been walking around the labyrinth of God so many times you have forgotten your true name and where you came from. Now it’s a puzzle to find your way back. But there is no end to the labyrinth, it leads back to beginning.

This much I know: anything that comes or goes is not who you are. Desires are hollow like seashells. People appear, stay for a while, then move on. Relationships are not you either. We cannot build a foundation on anything that comes or goes. The only true investment is finding your true nature. Who is writing this? Who is reading? The identities, stories, jobs, possessions, achievements, information you accrue, who you were yesterday.. all these things will not remain.

But time is running out.. I must have this or that before I leave this plane of existence. Time is another game on earth that has no true identity. Beyond this fleeting form is formlessness, timelessness – a sea of nothingness from where everything arises and falls.

You have come here for a reason and that reason is, to find out what remains.

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