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Overcoming Obstacles on the Road to Purpose

Ever seen this sign before? I bet you have. If you’ve been sincerely seeking your purpose, you’ve come across that feeling that all odds are against you, and there is no way in hell of getting to your destination – at least not in just one single lifetime. The truth is that realizing your purpose is a long and winding road. If knowing the route was easy, and there were no obstacles or crazy road signs like these along the way, I would not be working as a Life Purpose Investigator.


You are reading the signs correctly, but are not getting to your destination because there are karmic roadblocks; wounds and lessons causing delays on the road. You chose to work on certain core wounds before you entered this lifetime. These wounds contain the primary lesson(s) you are to master before you can fully realize your life’s purpose. In other words: your purpose is hidden in your wound. When you sincerely seek to live your purpose, you will encounter obstacles that point you towards addressing wounds that are there to be healed, before you can get on with your mission. The good news is that you have lots of time to arrive, an entire lifetime in fact. And when you do not arrive, you get to try again, in another way, another time, another life.


Let’s say you are a medicine woman who has been studying with many great healers for years. You know that your mission involves having your own healing practice and being in your power as a sovereign creator-healer-woman. You finally open your own clinic and nobody shows up. Perhaps you still hold resistance about stepping into your power? Maybe a fear of being seen and recognized is still lingering there? Part of you wants to be seen while the other part wants to hide. A contradictory signal is sent out to the universe. Your business may ebb and flow, money doesn’t quite arrive, you start to doubt your mission and go back to your day job. This is a typical scenario on the path to purpose. The core wound for many healers and lightworkers is lack of self love and self worth (aka the wounded healer), that manifests in many disguises. When this wound is healed, then the roadblocks seem to magically dissolve, traffic is cleared, unicorns appear, and the Universe suddenly opens for you.

The Rough Formula For FINDING Your Life’s Purpose is:

Identify Your Wounds + Address Them  Do The Work  Persist  Try Again  Keep Going  Heal

⊧ Enter Your Purpose!

Three tools that are helpful along the way:

1. Knowing your purpose.

2. Dropping ideas about how you will get there.

3. Keeping an open mind.

In 99% of cases, the way to your purpose is not crystal clear, and the path never unfolds quite as you expect it to. Be willing to consider that what you thought was the way, is not the way. The law of free-will, your choices, pace of evolution, an unpredictable nebula at the center of the Galaxy, will surely all affect the journey. But it is not a hopeless or unguided road. There are celestial miracles, serendipity, soulmates, spirit guides, owls, teachers, and old friends, along this path to greet you.

To simplify things, the common purpose we all share is:


But there is work along the way there. My job is to help you recognize and remember your karmic roadblocks, that you chose to take on before you came here, so you can heal, and then fulfill your life’s mission. P.S If you believe in signs, this is one.

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