Mexico 2012. Photo by M. Amici

The Medicine Owl project is an esoteric inquiry into the nature of existence and takes on many forms of healing and sometimes, divination. Today, my work as the voice of the Medicine Owl is to provide intuitive guidance in the process of transformation. For many years I have been offering life purpose readings as well as numerology readings. In the recent years, this mission has shifted more towards being a channel for the Owl and delivering messages whenever they come through.

My own Owl story began as a child when I went through a near death experience at thirteen years old. An Owl appeared to retrieve my soul and guide me through. The spirit of the Owl remained with me as I returned back to life. Fast forward three decades later, after a midlife crisis and a deep quest for my life’s purpose, I found myself working as a Medicine Owl giving life purpose readings, on the other side of the planet, far away from my place of birth. Through the guidance of my old friend, the Owl, I learned that my mission was to be a teacher and a messenger, and to help others find their way home. Owls have journeyed with me during many crazy life changes, losses, and rebirths. I am humbled to continue working as an existential detective with the help and guidance of the Owl, hoping that my work will provide some insight in your search for higher truth and meaning.

I am a lifelong student of Sufism, Advaita Vedanta, numerology, Vedic astrology, holistic living, and Naad Yoga. I have also been initiated into Peruvian packahakuti mesa tradition Shamanism for a number of years.


With Deepest Gratitude for the Medicine of the Owl ~ Serving Your Awakening,