Life Purpose Reading

What karmic blocks are standing on the way of fulfilling your life purpose? This is my most comprehensive reading, and offers guidance to help you reach your highest potential. I use a combination of numerology and astrology to determine the most likely evolutionary path your soul intends to take in this lifetime. You will receive a PDF of your reading, including numbers, planetary influences, totem animal, tarot guidance, and recommended crystal remedies. Includes a 90 min phone or skype call. READ MORE >>

Numerology Blueprint

What does your vibrational blueprint show? Which numbers govern your life? This is a lighter reading, based on numerology, that focuses on decoding your personal vibration. Your numerical blueprint reveals lessons you are working on mastering, as well as qualities and hidden talents you may have. Delivered via 35 minute phone or skype call, along with a chart of your primary numbers. You can also ask a question at the end of the call.  READ MORE >>

Intuitive Oracle Reading

1-Question Oracle Reading. When you need quick guidance on any one question or area of life – relationships, twin flames, life changes, career, abundance, mission, or spirit work, this reading will provide insight and encouraging advise, interpreted through the message of intuitively selected oracle cards. Includes a 20 min phone or Skype session. *Please note that this is not a traditional Tarot reading. READ MORE >>