These are testimonials from my Life Purpose and Numerology Reading Clients..


“My reading with Aleeiah was incredibly insightful and eye opening. Not only did she dedicate time and energy to go through each and every aspect of my chart with me, but she also encouraged me to ask questions and gave me very insightful/thorough answers. She clearly possess’ otherworldly knowledge about a variety of things and is skilled in numerology, tarot, astrology, crystals, spirit guides, etc. She also takes the time (she spent more than 2 hours of her time with me) to go through each of these topics as they relate to your chart specifically. I would definitely recommend a reading with Aleeiah for anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of their life purpose.”



“Mine was an extremely accurate and intuitive reading. At the end of my call with Medicine Owl, I felt connected to my own life… Many years spent trying to run from what my gut had been trying to tell me. But the numbers do not lie. My reading was delivered with insight, compassion and skill. This experience has put me on track to live my life as a seeker of new adventures without any hesitations. Thank you Medicine Owl!”

– Terri

“I feel like you have swooped in and watched me from above so accurate is a lot of what you wrote.”

– Kerry

“Your work is exquisite – I could have read pages more. I know part of the journey is to allow you to experience yourself without all the answers because what fun would it be? However, nothing so gratifying has ever been said or written – I think I’d almost be stumped to come up with questions/clarity. Almost like you tended to my intelligence that I would integrate this next level of awareness and breathe it in.”

– Daisy

“Aleeiah’s reading was incredibly accurate. It validated the gifts I received from a painful past, as well as the spiritual path I am currently on. Fear has held me back from wholeheartedly embracing that path, and reading about my life purpose and the challenges that prevent me from illuminating my path is rich and has helped me find the courage to move forward. Thank you.”

– Nan

”Unlike other readings, Aleeiah’s reading for me expressed directly where to place my focus and what was needed for the upcoming years. I knew how to organize my work. As a multi-focused and versatile artist I was given the gift of outlining my steps for each project toward success. I am usually quite scattered (now I understand why!) and now have the luxury of knowing what most deserves my attention and when execution of each project should be for the highest result. It was fun too. Her intuitive insights are very profound and well grounded. I am very grateful to her and thrilled I requested a reading! Thank you Aleeiah”

– J.G

”Aleeiah’s reading went beyond numerology. Combined with her intuitive insight, it gave me clarity about the year ahead and the one that just ended. She gave me insight about my choice of partner, the meaning behind significant changes in my life, and the energetic meaning of my name. It was a very enlightening reading and extremely useful–which I appreciated immensely.”

– S.S.A

‘Thank you for this reading. What you said resonated with my higher self and set a clear path going forward. I was mired in a pool of darkness and now I can see the light. While, as you said, I am somewhat scared by my own power, your encouragement to follow my path for the greatest good has soothed my heart and soul. Thank you for sometimes reaching into my past to help me heal it, so that I can move brightly into my destiny. If I only live to 1/2 of its potential, it will be great indeed.”

– J.P.R

”Dear Md Owl, thank you for your amazing guidance. Most of what you said I have heard before from other intuitives in the past. Everything you said has very much to do with my life right now and I needed to hear every last bit of it. It is great to hear about all the beautiful gifts I have and the wonderful help Universe is offering, but, sometimes harder to hear and more importantly to, listen to, is the work that I must do and overcome in order to reach my full potential and my life’s purpose. Thank you for reminding me once again that I must be healthy, happy, and complete before I am able to help others. With all my thanks and gratitude.”

– S.M