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The Great Galactic Turning Point

We are in the midst of a massive evolutionary wave on the planet. There is a planetary alignment taking place in the heavens this year that has not happened in hundreds of years. This event is part of earth’s cyclical ascension program. Because you are here now, you knew this was coming and accepted the challenge to evolve faster than ever before.

If you have been living in a way that is not in alignment with the truth of who you are on a soul level, that is now being corrected. You are being re-tuned. The ego will kick and scream because it’s not a comfortable process. All that is redundant will peel away, and for some this happens almost overnight. We are forced to learn how to find new healthier resources, and live in respect of earth and its blessings. We are learning to restore right relationship with our inner and outer planes on earth. You can best assist this peeling process by going into surrender and witness mode more often. Let whatever goes, go.

Life on earth is a multi-dimensional boarding school. We are in here with all the different grades and classrooms, from kindergarten to realized beings. Naturally, chaos ensues. What is happening on the planet now is an accelerated physical-mental-emotional-energetic purification. This is a natural process of ascension, i.e going up in vibration. It is both fun and terrifying at times. But look beyond the turmoil and panic, and realize it is a temporary shedding process of dense energy. The current events that have been unfolding, including this plandemic and controlled economic collapse, are ancient smoke and mirror of politics. It is curiously timed with this galactic awakening call. If you are already aware you will understand that now is the time to make the best of this party. It is time to become who you really are.

When enough hearts awaken on the planet, a holographic grid is created that helps awaken the rest of humanity. This is why it is of utmost importance to meditate and do practices that help us be heart centered now. Sending your gratitude to the core of earth raises the vibration of the planet. Honor the earth for carrying you, for she is a living, breathing, energetic being. The rays of the sun are extra potent at this time in raising our vibration. Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of sun daily, more is better. This is designed to help your cells adapt to the new level of energy beaming at us. Connect with the earth with your bare skin while you are out and breathe deeply with gratitude. Nothing else is needed. Your body knows what to do. You can assist the process at this time by eating less and drinking more liquids. Eat foods that are not dense or hard to digest, avoid eating meat at this time.

These are high evolutionary times! Your light is needed now more than ever before in our lifetime. No more excuses for hiding or sharing your truth. If you are reading this article take it as a sign: you are being activated to your greater mission. Share your gifts. Your voice matters. Help raise the collective vibration on earth.

Wishing you abundant health and great awakenings!

March 22nd, 2020 Intuitive Owl message through Aleeiah

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