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The Heart Contains All

Amidst recent heartbreak and despair, I prayed for some light to come through.. a higher vision, an understanding for why I was still undergoing so much suffering. Several months had passed since a tragic breakup but I felt unable to let go of the lingering pain of loss. It seemed like many lifetimes of suffering had coalesced into one, dismantling my life without a warning.

The answer came through a vivid dream. I was taken inside the heart and saw that nobody had ever left. All was happening simultaneously, beyond time.. like actors gliding through empty air, and the emptiness contained all. The suffering is a tool, although ultimately an illusion, created to help us remember that this play isn’t real. Inside the heart, all was one, and we were each other, throughout many lifetimes, never apart. There was nobody to abandon. No heartbreak and no pain. Only tremendous compassion and understanding that transcended all forms of suffering. The heart was all-knowing. There was nothing to attain, nothing to grasp. We were not two people hurting each other, but one omniscient being experiencing itself through many forms and costumes, like actors in a play.

As soon as I was outside the heart again, things would appear separate, and thoughts of suffering would emerge. The dimension of duality we live in most of the time, is a game of pain and pleasure, endlessly alternating.. but this is not the ultimate reality. There is a higher dimension, and this is where the heart lives, beyond all pain and pleasure. The experiences we take to be love on this holodeck, are nothing but tiny glimpses into the realm that is actually, love.

Did you know that you can go inside your heart, and it is also the heart of all — one cosmic heart?

Within this unconditional, non dual realm of love, there is no pain, no separation, no coming or going, and no identity. Thus, the heart cannot break. It is empty but contains ALL.

artist: unknown

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