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What to do During Eclipses?

The moon’s nodes, called Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology, are highly activated during eclipses. These nodes relate to our past and future. Eclipses can bring a visit to the past or they can catapult you to a future timeline very fast, as well. When eclipses occur, tides are shifting and new information is going to come to light soon after.

Vedic astrologers consider eclipse energy to be stormy and volatile, and it is recommended to stay home, meditate, chant, and fast on these days. Bent up energy may surface and flare up during eclipses. It is also recommended not to make big decisions or start new projects within three days before or after an eclipse. This is practical advise that actually makes sense considering how affected our bodies and minds are by these two important planets. The moon governs our mental and emotional energies. The sun governs our life force and health.

I have always been sensitive to celestial movements and space weather, so I tend to be cautious around eclipses and not initiate any large new projects. I stay indoors and don’t plan a lot of activity for eclipse days. I also avoid social media and computer usage on those days if I can. Eating lightly and avoiding meat is more important for solar eclipses than lunar eclipses since light of the sun being blocked affects the body and digestion. Less light equals less life force, and therefore less digestive fire. But taking it easy with food on either eclipse day is a good idea. General advice: keep things light and take care of your body and mind during eclipse days, and especially the days leading up to them. Ride these chaotic nodes peacefully to avoid picking up any chaotic energies.

Below are two short Vedic mantras for the sun and moon. It is said that chanting this moon’s mantra gives you the wisdom of the moon and brings out your beauty. Chanting this short mantra for the sun is said to bring blessings of the sun and have the power to heal the body, and bring success and prosperity.


Moon: Om Chandraya Namah

Sun: Om Surya Namah


Image by Bryan Goff

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