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Your Name Matters

“Nomen est omen” (Latin for name is an omen.)

Every letter, every word, and every name has a vibration, and we decode vibration via numbers. Every time you sign your name, or say your name, you leave a trace of your vibration. The name you were given at birth is especially revealing. Some call it the destiny number.  My favorite interpretation of destiny is: 75% karma and 25% free will. What this means in the context of your name, is that you are not entirely locked in to the vibration of your birth name. Many change their name or use nicknames. This in turn affects your energetic blueprint, and will certainly affect your life.

What if the current name you chose to use is a difficult vibration? It may mean you that have to work twice as hard to achieve your goals, make money, and be successful in what you do. Yes, you can sometimes overwrite challenging vibrations with your other numbers and free will, but it is hard work. Kind of like a fish swimming upstream all its life. Let’s say for example that your birth name totals to a master number, such as 22. This is a very powerful vibration that has the potential to not only accrue wealth, but affect masses of people. If you shorten your name and use a nickname instead, that vibrates to a less powerful frequency such as 4, you are diminishing your impact in the world, and creating unnecessary obstacles.

As a numerologist, one of my favorite amusements is to look at names of big companies, or famous people and calculate their numbers. Nearly every major company name that has had worldwide impact, has a potent number. Similarly, majority of world leaders have a name which vibrates to a power number.

Let’s decode some big names for fun!

Dalai Lama = 9

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela = 9

Edgar Cayce = 9

9 is the number of: the humanitarian, wisdom, unconditional love, service, the healer, and teacher. It is also the number of completing a karmic cycle – very fitting for these souls.

Barack Hussein Obama = 1

John Winston Lennon = 1

Sudhamani Idamannel (Hugging saint Amma’s birth name) = 1

Maruti Shivrampant Kambli (Nisargadatta Maharaj’s birth name) = 1

1 is the number of: leadership, legacy, success, innovation, front-runner, and the pioneer. This number is destined for fame and making a big mark in the world.

Many spiritual leaders, famous musicians, and politicians have names that total to a 1 or 9. Both numbers vibrate to worldwide success, massive influence, and leaving a legacy.

How about some big company names?

Microsoft = 1

Pepsi = 11

Mercedes Benz = 11

11 is a master number which can present some challenge but nevertheless attracts attention, leadership, and fame. All master numbers accentuate the base number vibration. As you can see from previous examples, 1 is a highly successful leadership vibration on its own. And 11 is 1 on steroids.

Changing your name is a more complex matter than simply choosing a number that is generally fortunate and powerful. It all depends what you are here to do, what you lessons are, and what your other numbers are. For example, if you choose a new name with a number that has nothing to do with your purpose, you are adding in a new vibration that may not serve your journey.

When I do a Numerology Reading, I look at all the different numbers in your chart, besides the total vibration of your name. There are many other numbers to consider, even the ones that are absent, called “karmic lesson numbers”. I then look at patterns and what all these numbers are doing together in your chart. If you are considering changing your name, and want to know how it will affect your life and the type of experiences you will draw in as a result, consider a Numerology Blueprint Reading. I am happy to decode your name and analyze any potential name change you are considering.

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